27 October, 2013

What To Write?

By: Faisal Anas
Now, I am sitting in the reading room of central library of Jamia Millia Islamia. I am here sitting with my spiral pad and gel pen to write something as per my unscheduled task. But I have nothing in my empty mind to spread over the pages of my spiral.
Today, one of my teachers was delivering his speech/ words on how to write essays. He told us that if we wanted to write an essay of one page in any topic, we must study at least 20 pages of such, otherwise writing one page after reading same is impossible. Yes he is right. But I think that this rule applies in exams only and on research thesis too. It means that if you are asked to write the answer of the question of a particular issue or topic, you must be prepared yourself by reading many pages of the same for better result.
But what do you think about a writer who creates? I mean who does write what is already written/ what has been written already in pages many times by many writers and authors. Writing something again and again is not a legendary work because you’re not going to do something that provide people a new matter or information or a good thing that they did not have before. Yes, your way of presenting any topic may be different and it may be possible that what you are presenting in words is more attractive and beautiful than the same presented by others author you read before and utilized to prepare yourself to write your own article or matter to be read by your followers and readers. But in my sense, it would be best for you that your beautiful way of writing and your smart thinking to present anything on the paper should be used to come to the paper any new matter or topic, I mean you should write any new that people were losing and getting it, they would delighted and their mouths would sound “Ah…..! What an article written by this writer! Really this is new and will be followed by next coming writers to make the white page black or blue (as per the ink of pen) to put his thinking on the same. It is not meant that history should not be repeated as a new book or as an article in any magazine, but what I want to say that history or any other topic are not subjected to read for joy or time pass or for refreshment of mind. So, in my thinking, these subjects should be written in simple language so that anyone can read and understand easily and conclude the point fast and fair.
If you want to show your writing ability, your intelligency and your beauty of using rare and appropriate word and phrases on suitable place, a vast field is open for you, and that is fiction, short stories, simple articles, novels and dramas etc. you are totally free to use what you want to use from words and sentences. I means these fields is totally for you to express your ideas in any sense, any manner, any way, using nay word or phrase, common and uncommon. Familiar and unfamiliar.
I’m just spreading words having my own thoughts personally, may be, you would not agree with me, no matter. I want you to read my articles and give your precious feedback. Thanks

25 October, 2013

Silent Love with Shocking Insult

By: Faisal Anas

Once when I was free from all work and sitting with free mind. I was alone. It was some noise around me sounded by some persons sitting next to me is a group and discussing about some serious subject secretly. I was unable to understand their talks because the only sound I could hear was their murmuring and whispering but their activities were notifying me that they may had been talking about me. It was very surprising situation for me because no one of them was known to me and I think I was unknown for them too. May be, they might see me at any place before that time but what they were talking about was still an unanswered question. They were 5 or 6 and I was alone sitting and thinking with no physical activity by hands or legs but yes some gestures of eyes I was using to them, to birds on the tree and sometime to the person who were passing through the pavements and seeing me once and then taking their own way. The situation continues till I decided to leave the place.
Before I do that a girl came to me and asked the permission to sit beside me. I nodded my head showing my agreement to her to sit. First she smiled then said “Hi!” All of her mates were looking at us but when I looked to them they moved their face towards another side and this happened continuously till my meeting with her ended. I said “Hi!” to her and then silent. She was also silent. She was sitting and her one leg was upon another. She was in blue jeans and black T-shirt. Hairs are open. Everything of her were whitish-red with same shining except hairs and eyes. Eyes and hairs were extremely black with high shining. I knew that the shining of hairs was due to the oil and shampoo but the shining in her eyes………..? What for? Couldn’t say. It was very difficult situation for me to face any girl in that manner for the first time in my life.
Being a sitter opposing a beautiful girl of same age as me, I was in surprise because it happened accidentally and unexpected and especially for me it was uncommon. And surprisingly, she was smiling only for me and really let me say that it was no hard work from my side to call her or attract her. Both of us were still silent. I was waiting for her next voice and she was also. When a few minutes passed, I decided to start the conversation to break the silence. I said “ji kahiye” (yes, say!). But she was still silent. She looked at my face once, smiled and turned her face downward. Now her silence was increasing my interesting to her. I thought she had same special to say to tome and that’s why she was feeling shy and could not say and hoping me to understand without saying because what she wanted to say via tongue was the voice of heart as usually happen when a couple of same age sit alone. And you know the voice or feeling of heart which we want to forward to someone sitting before us does not need tongue because heart should contact directly without taking help from tongue and eyes contact eyes directly and say whatever it want.
I was not uncommon, I understand why she came to me. Why she sat beside me. Why she smiled why all of her mates looking to s with full interest and why she was silent with same lovely thinking in her heart, smile on her lips , dimple on her cheeks and love with shy in eyes. Time passed, now I was interested too much to listen her as I called her and went to her. She was silent but I was discomfort. She was well but I was feeling unwell. She was sitting with calm but I was changing my sitting styles every moment. I had spoken, now it was her turn to speak, to break the silence, to say something, to voice her greed, to tell her purpose of coming but alas her voice was still a prisoner in her mouth and her purpose in her heart. I repeated again “ji kahiye kaise aana hua?” (Speak out what for you came here?) “ji aapse kuchh kehna tha” ( I came to say something to you), she replied. “Sure”, I said. Then she looked at her friends whose smiles turned into laugh now and they were seemed that they were sitting in a comedy show. Our situation of sitting and the whereabouts environment was joyful for them because they were already known of the purpose of coming the girl. She had not come accidentally or with no reason. But she came after a long discussion between them. They decided to send her to me to say something to me. What was that? I didn’t know. I was same as you are now. Too much excited to know what was in her heart. What she wanted to say. The purpose of coming. The purpose of smiling. The purpose of shy and the purpose of their laughs. “ji, who, aapkaa” (ur, urs, that) she voiced with some shy including smile and fun. “What………?” I asked loudly now. Now she said: “aapkaa naada latak raha he” (your …………… is hanging) “oh no, ok, thanks” I voiced. Then she stood and said. “ji bas mai yehi kehne ayi thi” ( I came here to inform you about this) uuunnnnnnn you can guess about the situation of that time and my physical, mental and physiological condition and please don’t ask me anything more. I couldn’t say to her nay thing more and I can’t write anything more now. Bye.

18 October, 2013

why We Vote...........!

By..... Faisal Anas
Election is in my country is not less than any
festival or celebration for every citizen of India.
And interestingly that is it not an event which
come after too much times but it is common
and being common and familiar to everyone, it
is joy able, interesting and cause of enthusiasm
also. The citizen of India take a part in it with
more interest than the citizen of any other
nation in the world. The reason may be
anything and could be or could not be real but
it is a part of real that Indian election creates a
numbers of history events and changings every
time whenever it held. I remember when I was
child of 6 or 7 years, mom and aunties prepare
and decorate themselves on Election Day since
morning and hold debates and manage to caste
as many votes as they could do. The male
member of my family were restless on that day
though no one of them was a candidate of any
political party.
Since then and now, hence we shifted our
home form Bihar to Rajasthan. I’ve seen no so
much differences in election process. Yes but
people’s nature is different not by time only
but by region also. People in Bihar take election
more seriously than the people in Rajasthan.
Because of development and availability of
needed items, Rajasthanis are not so much
interested in voting and also they’ve not so
much interest in their political leader, nor in
choosing neither in respecting and valuing
them. That’s why I saw many ministers walking
around the city being careless about personal
security because they feel no danger about
their lives. So that the politics here is fair and
simple that it is in Bihar.
I am neither a politician (I thank Allah) nor
political scientist but I understand it like I am
not in love with anyone but I fell it and
understand it in every sense totally with its
complete steps and stages. Really political
leaders are servant of the public. They are
responsible for the needs of the public. They
must take steps to wash out fear, terrorism,
abusing, harassment, unaccountability and
replace these by peace, happiness,
accountability, development, education,
providing all necessities like medical, transport,
post, communication and well-being etc. but
really do we see it in any part of the nation at
any level? Do any politician do these? Not all,
but half? I say no. instead of doing these, most
of them are criminal, abuser of sex
harassment, killer, and thief, black mailer, and
I have no such more words to explain their
black actions.
So, why do I go to poll booth to caste my so,
so much expensive vote? Am I the vote bank?
Am I the means for them to reach nation’s
treasury? No. it does not means that I will not
cast my vote. But I will do, but only after being
assured that they’ll put real value to my
expensive vote. They’ll understand my
problem. They’ll solve the basic problem (at
east). I have the legal right to ask my political
leader for development in my constituency and
he must reply to me when I question about it.
It is his duty. His duty is to take care for all the
people, even animals of their constituency also.
And we, the people of that constituency going
to force on related leader to do all what we
need and what is his duty.


28 September, 2013

Oh My Heart.....

                                                                                            By; Faisal Anas
Nothing is going wrong with me. But why I am sad? I don’t know. Sometimes I feel myself too upset without any reason. And badly this is common with me. I just try to be happy so that I try to do positive everything but no one can do whatever he wants but this is also fact that if you try to do something and work hard for it. You’ll get success.
What to do to washout my sadness? Searching for good friends online or offline? Yes that’s good idea. But is there any good person around me? Very tough to say. I tried a lot but this world has been changed. Now, no one talk for other’s success. Why I am saying this? When a person meets someone, he started expecting from him according to his behavior with him. And if he does not get what he expected then he loses his trust and become sad and angry.
Here are two types of persons. One who shares his everything with friends and one who never shares. Who is wrong and who is right is not a matter of discussion. The real thing is that who gets the best friends circle. That is a huge fact which affect anyone’s life. Really friends play major role in anyone’s life. The nature of a person can be measured by his friends’ behaviors. So, if you got a good circle of some nice friends, who are crazy, active, kaminey, serious, open minded, and frank then you are very lucky,  but remember one thing. You must keep in your mind every time newton’s law of motion. It means that when one of your friends behave some good with you, he also hopes likewise from your side. If this happens, then you’ll be very happy. But what if your friends and specially one whom you trust most, love most, share with him you every secret most does not keep much attention to you? Or less than your hope or expectation? Or say any other best friend rather you? Can you manage it? Can you tolerate it? I think no. that’s why I live more of time sad and unhappy. But this is big tragedy that I can’t leave him. He is sweet and smart, loved by his colleagues and every related person, so he confuses about his best friendship. But what should I do? Leave him? Let him choose his best friend? Or what else? I cannot solve this. I’ll just try to manage. My heart and tell it that “o my heart! O foolish thing, you are not so good, you’ve no so good thinking and your related face has no attraction, your related body has no beauty, hair has no shining, voice has no music, eyes have no magic and personality you have is without any specialty, so, this is my cordially advice to you that please come to know your reality and stop trying to achieve what is not suitable for you. Because the thing you are hoping to get is 100 times higher than your value” thanks.

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15 September, 2013

Yes We Can Do

By: Faisal Anas

 Now I am sitting in the reading of the university. It is 17:54. A foreign girl is sitting at the chair neighboring me. I am also a student and she's also. But the difference is that when I left the library for the tea at 15:30, I left her studying being careless of her near bouts, she was on her job from 2 hours at 15:30. Now I entered the library and took my seat and it is 18:57 and she is still on her such job, I mean she is still studying. That’s the difference between us and foreigners. They do not waste their time in useless things and we, the Indian do not care about it. That’s why japan, being having less resources (natural) that India, is 100 times developed than it. I am now thinking about differences of interest in studies. They do with full interest what they choose for their lives but we, we do nothing but waste our times. My personality does not allow me to study continuously 3 or 4 hours, why? Because it is our nature to do what we want instead of what we need. So, we are as successful as they are.
        This is time to rethink on this issue. I am not blaming all the people of India. They are fine. I’m blaming just myself because I have a bundle of faults. I dream more and do less. I think more and make that thinking useful less. I want more but do work hard less. And interestingly, this is an enormous tragedy that there is difference in the thinking of them and us also. We think in dreams to become a big personality, a person of fame and prestige but we do not think of hardworking. We do not think of the steps and stages needed to fulfill the dream. Only dreams are in our minds but how the dreams become true, we don't care about it. So, how we can fulfill or dreams? If you wish to take a glass of cold water, you should step forward toward the fridge otherwise take rest on normal water. And we are from second category. But the person who is in china, japan (the girl, I think was Japanese), Korea or west countries, Europe or America, think and plan as per their need not according to their willing and wishes. Wish is nothing for them. Need is all and what thing made them successful is their seriousness to their work and plan and true dream.
      Here is an interesting question. What is true dream? Is there any false or/and wrong dream?  If you ask me, I say yes. I know two types of dream. one person like and wish to be rich and be the owner of luxury cars, fully decorated house building having all facilities, a heavy bank account and a pretty life partner, may be karena or Katrina. Okay that is a good think. i wish it for everyone in my country. But you know what they dream? They think and plan to make that sexy car you wanted to drive. They try and discover what you want to use. So, who is better? Who dreams better? The answer is clear! That’s why, they discovered everything we use. (Something related to china. something to japan, Korea, U.S.A Germany or another country). From electricity to electronics, from aero plane to ships, means of communications to means of war and battle, weapons, everything you use in your life is made and discovered by them at all. And what we do? We buy all and they sell all. We take and they give us. We need and they provide though they have what we have. Allah gave every person same things. Same sense and same power and chance, ability and creativity. But they’re all successful in every field of life and what we are? We even can't copy them rightly. When you go to the market, you find all goods preferable thing made not in India. Because Indian companies products does not have luxurious, sleek, beauty and sharpness. (Bas kaam chalau hota he sab kuch yahan). Let me tell you a reality, you will point out why Indian economy is cautiously going to down day by day because of the more import and less export. One of my teacher travelled many countries. And he told us once that he did not find in any country's market any made in Indian item. Yes. He told us. What we conclude by his this remark? It means India do not export any product. It only export some natural items, and import all necessities so its economy is dipping. What is the reason behind it? Why that teacher did not find any made Indian product in any country? Is that not amazing? No. not for us. Because we never tried to create or invent anything, that's why we are dependent on others at every step of life. From morning to evening and from first day of life to its last moment. And therefore they're ahead of us by the margin of 50 years. We use what they leave and if internet and communication and globalization would not invented, we would more old and in worse condition than this time. Thanks internet inventors for it.
  The words coming out from my heart through my pen that you’re reading and wasting your time does not mean that we, Indians are careless or lazy etc. we are very powerful if we take right decisions. If we stop following others. If we stop using made in non-Indian items. If we stop for prefer non-Indian cultures. If we stop to import our needs and start to make our useful products ourselves. Yes, we can do. Our country has full natural resource. Our people specially youths are hard workers and intelligent. We need to utilize them in proper way systematically to achieve something we need and that is useful for us not thing that we want only and not useful. What we need is more important than what we want and we must join our heads to rethink on this issue seriously. 


26 April, 2013

Padh K Kya Karengey..............?

By: Faisal Anas


Exam ke din hain, final year ka exam he, sirf ek hafta baqi he, magar phhir bhi padhai me dil nahi lag raha he, pata nahi, q….? aj kal padhai se dil uth sa gaya he, bas dil karta he k ab kamao, sirf kamao aur mouj masti karo, kitna padhengey….? 23 sal ka ho gaya hun, 6 saal ki umr se padh hi raha hun, ji ukta gaya he, ab to kamana chahiye, mouj masti karni chahiye, enjoy karna chahiye, idhar udhar ghoomna chahiye, tehalna chahiye, khoobsoorat maqamat ki sair karni chahiye. Doston k ghar jana chahye aur mehman nawazi ka lutf uthana chahiye, ghar par aur aas pas k kamon me hath batana chahiye, social work me hissa lena chahiye, apni zindagi k agle padao ki taraf qadam badhana chahiye, ab to kuch bada sochna chahiye, akhir kya padhai.padhai…..? bor ho gaya hun itne dino se ek hi kam karte karte, akhir kya sirf padhai hi kamyabi ka ek wahid zariya he? Kya sirf padhai se hi insan kamyab hota he….? Padhai kya benefit deti he…? Yahi na k insan aqalmand ho jata he, sochne samajhne wala ho jata he, zindagi guzarne ka tariqa ajata he… lekin is k liye zaruri to nahi k khoob mehnat ki jaye, class top kar k naam roshan kiya jaye, agar jitni mehnat padhai me karte hian, us me se adhi kamane me bhimakane me Karen to agey k liye bahut fayda mand nahi hoga….? Khas kar aise students ko college me hian aur final year me hian….?
Agar ham purine zamane aur naye zamane ki padhai me farq dkhna cahen to asani se dekh sakta hain. Dono zaman ka education system bilkul alag he, education ka matlab hi badal gaya he, pehle sirf literature ko hi education kaha jata tha, ya phir religious articles padhna aur usko yad karna hi education tha. Phir education ka scope badha aur language ko isme include kiya gaya, us k baad dhire dhire dusre arts ko shamil kiya gaya,…… jab se science ne taraqi ki he education ka scope bahut develop hua he, education field dunya ka sab se bada field ban gaya he, aur har chiz k liye education ko compulsory  kar diya gaya he. Aur dunya ka koi bhi jo insan apni maharat k bal par kar sakta tha, uska course nikal kar usko official bana diya gaya he, aur yun who log jo padh nahi sakte, aql ki kami ki wajah se , paise ki kami ki wajah se ya rural areas me rehne ki wajah se, to apne art me mahir hone k bawajood rozi roti kamane me muhtaj ban gaya he, aur jisko kuch na ata ho, sirf kisi college se degree lele, to usko achi job mil jati he aur lakhon kamata he, yeh khurafat paida hui he isi kambakht education ki wajah se.
Education ki value kya badhi, bachon ka bachpana, jawano ki jawani aur budhon ka budhapa chhin gaya he, bechare 1 ½  saal k hue k nahi k school me dal diye gaye, ab subah se do pahar tak school me raho, maa baap se door, na koi hansane wala, na khilane wala, pamper pehna k usko school bhej diya gaya, aur uske pet se nikalta hua sara fuzla usi k pamper me jama ho raha he, ab jab ha rata he us se zyaa wazan us k pamper se nikalta he aur jo smell nikati he uski to baat hi alag he. Babu sahib thode aur bade hue aur 2usri ya 3isri class me gaye to school walon ne itna bada basta thama diya k eint k bhatte pe kam karne wale mazdooron se bhi yada pasina in bechare masoomon ko ata he, unko samajh me nahi ata ham school jate hain padhne k liye ya batsa utha kar wazan uthane ki practice kar rahe hian….? Aur kitabon ka haal bhi sunye, 102 page ki book, price 190 hindustani khan-khanate sikke ya kad-kadate note. Aur kitab me sirf do char images aur 100 tak ginti, aur zyada se zyada kutte billiyon k photo. Wah re education aur waah re tera system.
Ab bacha bada ho gaya he, board ka exam de raha he, ab parents ka pressure h k “dekh beta pados wali k bete ki 80% ayi thi, teri 81 aani chahiye, us se kam manzoor nahi he, agar aya to anjam bhugatna”, pata chala k result to aya mgr bete ka pata nahi, kya hua bahi? Are usne to suicide kar liya he, q….. q k uski 81% nahi ayi thin a. isi iye. Yeh situation har student k sath he, lagta 10th 12th nahi balke IAS ka exam de raha he.
Ab dhire dhire woh graduation me agay, uar ho gayi, 22-23 years. Udhar graduation complete hone wali he aur ghar walon ka pressure he k beta ab kamana start kar de, ghar chalana ne, maa ki dawai ilaj ka kharcha, behn ki shadi, chhote bhai ki padhai ka kharcha, aur tarah-2 k kharche, ab yeh kya karega isko faisla karna he, udhar jab jawan hua he to jawani to apna rag dikhayegi hi, shadi ki fikr bhi lag gyi he, lekin jab tak apne paon par khada nahi hota, shadi kaise hogi…..? bechara job ki talash me jata he, company dar company bhatakta he, magar job to usi ko milti he jiska approach hota he, jiska koi janne wala hota he, ya phi rap 5000 ki job liye pehle 50000 agey badhayen, agar nahi he to enjoy karo, bar me jao, ek botal kahrido aur mast talli ho jao, are bhai q…? are q kya….? 14 saal to laga diye 10th pas karne me, phir 2 sal 12th me, phir  saal graduation me. Aur koi job nahi he, aur wahin mera padosi Dinesh, jo sirf 10th pas he, who 15000 ki job kar raha he, jab k who to mujh se kafi piche raha karta tha.
Ab tak to ap samajh gaye hongey k is dunya k liye education k naam par jo muhim chali hui he who hamare liye kitni dangerous he, aura b to suna he kooda uthane ki noukri bhi 10th pas walon ko hi milegi, wah bhai waah, padh k kooda uthao, pehle sirf sunte they, ab to dekhne ko mil raha he aur kuch door nahi k karna bho pade.



09 February, 2013

Do Right Under Pressure

By: Faisal Anas

  Kya ho agar aap ka bhai kisi bade competition me first ajaye, pure village aur puri family me khishi ka mahoul ho, har ek nachta jhoomta ho aur achanak apko chot lag jaye?

   Kabhi kabhi insan ko aisi situation ka samna karna padta he jab khushi me achanak gham ka sa mahoul ho jata he, ab bekhye na, sab khushi mana rahe hain aur apko chot lagi hui he, ab apko kaisa lag raha hoga? ap sochengey k mai waha gaya/gayi hu q? na wahan jana hota aur na chot lat lagti aur na hi yahan majboor hokar baithna padta, lekin aap yeh to sochen k jo hona tha woh to ho chuka, chot lagni thi lag chuki, ap afsos karne se kya fayda?  bas apko to yeh sochna he ayendah aisa na ho.

   Magar yeh to choti problem thi, kabhi kabhi is se bada accident ho jata he, mai ne ek news padhi thi k ek ladki apna MBBS ka result lekar ghar ja rahi thi aur raste me accident ho gaya, finally uski death ho gayi, kai bar ham news me padhte aur sunte hian k barat ja rahi thi aur accident ho gaya, kai logon k sath dulha dulhan bhi khatam ho gaye, actually yeh sab hamari zindagi ka hissa hain, ham puri zindagi khush nahi rah sakte, agar ham chahen to bhi, koi dunya ki sari doulat sirf is bat pe kharch kar de k woh zindagi khush rahega to yeh uski be waqoofi hogi, aisa ho hi nahi sakta, upar wale ne har chiz ko jode me paida kiya he, zindagi he to mout bhi he, doulat he to ghurbat bhi he, kala he to gora bhi he, bimari he to dawa bhi he isi tarah agar khushi he to gham bhi he, aur yeh sab ho k rahta he, zindagi me utar chadhaw ate hain, kabhi bata kar aur kabhi achanak, insan ko hamesha in sab k liye tay yar rahna chahiye, aur agar aise halat ajayen to ghabrane k bajaye, afsos karne k bajaye, kisi ko dosh dene k bajaye, fouran uski wajah maloom karni chahiye, aur age se aisa na ho uska sochna chahiye aur is bad condition me apne apko sambhal kar rakhna chahiye aur himmat nahi harni chahiye. is moqe par khud ko sambhalna hi bahut badi baat hoti he, warna agar ek bar himmat toot jati he aur kisi kam se dil uth jata he to fir dobara usme lagna bahut mushkil hota he. zara sochye k agar kisi k naye bane hue ghar me aag lag jaye, ya apne ghar banaya aur zalzala ajaye to kya hoga? zara si der me sab kuch tabah o barbad, sari zindagi ki kamayi mitti me mil jati he, lekin iska matlab yeh naho hota himmat har jaye ya suicide kar le, bal k aise waqt me himmat se kam lena chahiye, apne apko sambhalna chahiye, aur dobara se mehnat karni chahiye. isliye k himmat har jane se makan dobara to nahi mil jata, han agar ap mehnat karengey, aur koshish karengey to makan apko dobara mil sakta he. apne suna hoga k student ne exam me fail hone ki wajah se suicide kar liya,  zara aap batayen k suicide kisi problem ka solution he kya? kya suicide karne problem solve ho jati he, suicide hamesha wohi log karte hain jin me jine ki himmat nahi hoti, dil weak hota he, pressure me faisal lene ki taqat nahi hoti, aur yeh bahut danger illness he jo hamari community ko khaye ja rahi he, suicude karne zara yeh soch len k mai abhi nahi 1 ghante k bad suicide karunga aur baith kar soche k agar maine suicide kar bhi liya to kya mera kam ban jayega? kya jo mai hasil karna chahta hun woh hasil ho jayega? kya is se ksis aur ko pareshani nahi hogi? aur han agar mai suicide nahi karta hun aur fir se mehnat karta hun aur pass ho jata huhn kitna bada fayda hoga? ek saal hi to barbad ho raha he magar is step se puri zindagi bach rahi he, kitne logo ko pareshani se nijat mil jayegi aur na jane kitni khushiyan gham me badalne se bach jayengi.
   Actually hamara mind he jo in sab ka zimmedar he, jab achanak hamare sath kuch bura ho jaye to do minute k liye ham shocked ho jate hian, yaqini baat he, har ek hota he, magar is k bad jo apne mind par control rakhta he woh situation ko samajh kar apne according decision leta he. aur pressure me sahi decision lena hi asal kamyabi ka raaz he, agar yunhi sab suicide karne lag jayen to dunya kaise developed hogi? aur kaise kisi ki problem solve hogi?


27 January, 2013

Mr Shinde and his Statement

Hamesha peaceful halat me rehne wala Pink City  in last few days kafi surkhion me raha , wajah thi Congress ka Chintan Shivir and in that Shivir, home minister Shushil Kumar Shinde ka bayan jisne India ki sab se badi aksariyat ko protest karne par majboor kar diya. ajib lag raha he k jinki tadaad India me sab se zyada he, jo India k taqreeban har region me aksariyat me hain, jo wazarat k har ohde par fayez hain, jo har riyasat ki CM ki kursi sambhale hue hain, aur jinke pas har tarah ki power he aj wohi apne daman ko be dag sabit karne ki koshish kar ne me lage hue hian.

What behind his statement?

     Janab Shinde ka bayan k- bahut sare bomb blaston me Bhagwa Dahshatgardi ka hath he aur yeh k un ke under campon  me terrorists ki training di jati he- se who kya sabit karna chahte hian. (1) Kya yeh ek kadwi haqiqat ka aetraf he? Q k really fasadat to hue hain aur bomb bhi blast hue hain aur importantly musalmano  ko hi target kiya   gaya he aur maze ki baat yeh he k jo mazloom they wohi mulzim bhi hue aur mujrim bhi qarar paye unhen giraftari mili aur jail bhi gaye magar baad me police walon ko sharamsar karte hue aur police k kam karne k tariqe par khilli udate hue who riha bhi hue (yeh alag baat h k tab tak unka career tabah ho chukka tha) ya fir (2) BJP ko mazeed kamzor karne ki sazish he q k next year or possibly this year Lok Sabha election hone wale hain aur zahir h k har party dusri party ko tamam corruption ks zummedar manti, to shayad Congress ka yeh harba he k is tarah se bhagwa party ko mazeed kamzor kiya jaye q k agar really Shinde ji k pas pukhta suboot hain to unhon ne abhi hi q yah baat batayi he. Pehle se batate ta k jo be gunaah log pakd ja chuke hain who na pakde jate. 

Terrorism has no religion  

Mai gaur karta hun k BJP ko hi q nishana banaya gaya? Kya is liye k RSS se iska contact he (balke RSS hi isko handle karta he), ya isliye k who dusri sab se badi political party he aur Congress ko election me kadi takkar dene ki himmat rakhti he? Ya phir isliye k woh really mujrim he. Yeh faisla to public ko hi karna he k qusoorwar koun h aur rozana news paper padhne walo aur news channels dekhne walo ko mazeed kisi evidence ki zaroorat nahi he k is matter me koun qusoorwar he, kou nahi he aur kiska ek-2 pair dono taraf he. Mera sawal yeh h k Dahshatgardi ya koi bhi i jurm kya kisi religion k sath khas he? Aur hamare mulk me har fasad, jurm, aur blast ko hamesha relogioin, tribe, language, aur colour se q jod diya jata he? Agar BJP aur RSS dahshat gardi me mulawwis he to kya pura Hindu mazhab hi dahshat gard he? Nahi, hargiz nahi, Hindu mazhab ki kisi bhi kitab me is tarah ki taleem nahi h jis se dahshat gardi ko badhawa milta ho, aur kisi bhi mazhabi kitab me aisa nahi mil sakta, to phir dahshatgardi aur Hindu mat ko ek sath q jod diya gaya? Aur Hindu mat kya, kisi bhi mazhab, rang, nasal, firqa, jamaat, zuban, ilaqa ko kisi bhi jurm se nahi joda ja sakta, han yeh zaroor h k mujrim kisi na kisi mazhab ka manne wala hoga magar is se yeh sabit nahi hota k mazhab hi iski taleem deta he. Hamari yahi badi kamzori h k ham fouran kisi bhi hadse ko mazhab ya qabile ka rang de dete hain jis se hamari unity khatam hoti he, aur hamari mulki kamzori bhi zahir hoti he.

We want 

Ham lucky hain k hamara mulk world’s largest democracy he jis me har rang, nasal, mazhab, zuban, ilaqe aur qabile se taalluq rakhne wale log rahte hin jo hamar unity aur ittihad ki pehchan he aur yahi hamari sab se badi taqat he. And Indian unity demands the punishment for guilty, for terrorist, for killires, for rapist etc chahe who kisi bhi mazhab, rang, nasal, qabile aur ilaqe se taalluq rakhte houn, yeh mat kaho k falan mazhab wale ne jurm kiya ball ke yeh kaho k falan ne jurm kiya, usko pakdo aur saza do. Aur agar ap ke pakka par suboot he k RSS aur BJP training camp chalati he to un k wahan se chale jane aur sab kuch khali kar dene se pehle hi chhapa maroa ur karrawai karo warnah faltu ki bayan bazi mat karo, aur han yeh mat sochna k ab kisi tarah ki bayan bazi se Muslim himayat mil jayegi ya tum Congress ko Muslim dost sabit kar doge aur upcoming election me vote hasil kar loge q k ab who zamana gaya jab logon ko jab log har tarah se bewaqoof ban jate they aur religion k naam siyasat bahut asan ho jati thi. ab ham educated hain aur Indian youngsters ab kisi bhi tarah ki bewaqoofi ko accept nahi karegi.


21 January, 2013

A Heart Broken Love Letter

Agar tum kuch bhi na socho aur sirf itna socho k mai ek insan hun tab bhi tumhara farz banta h k mujhe nazar na karo. Mere jazbat ko samjho, meri mehnat ko yaad karo, mere zakhmo se rista hua khoon dekho, mere dil ki zuban se nikli hui muhabbatana wa muaqqarana sawalana, ajizana, ashiqana, mazloomana aur shoukhiyana aawaz ko suno, meri raat aur mere din ko dekho to tumhen khud hi maaloom hi jayega  k yeh DIL E WIRAN abbad hone ki kitni koshish kar raha he? Magar banjar zameen ki dekh bhaal karne wala koi naram dil insane to ho.

Insan par kabhi aisi musibat bhi  ati h jab who khuda se na farmani kar baithta he  lekin yeh uska karam he who apne bandon ko maaf bhi kar deta he to kya us khuda ki paida ki hui makhlooq  naram dil aur maaf hone wali nahi ho sakti? ……..garche mai kisi laila la majnoo banne ki himmat nahi karsakta magar kuch had tak uski acting zaroor kar sakta hun aur uska pake shadow to ban hi sakta hun.

Agar tum mujhe ek ba izzat insan tasawwur kar lo aur socho k kitne pagal, deewane, gali kuchon me pade hue, maikhane me sab o roz hazri dene wale, aur waha pade rehne wale, khudkushi karne wale, galiyan dene wale, aur abr ki tarah mast ho kar gane aur jhoomne wale aur tanha pasand hain jinki zindagi veeran ho chuki he, who be yaar o madadgar phirte rehte hain.

Apne nazuk dimag par zara sa zor dalo aur sirf itna socho k tumhari thodi si la parwahi  se agar mai bhi in mazkoorah sakhsiyaton me se ek ho gaya to kya tumhara dil gawara karega? Kya tum aisa cha ho gi k tumhari wajah se ek sahi salim insan ek bad mast majnoon ban jaye? Agar tumhari be rukhi ki wajah se ek shareef insane majnoo ban jaye to kya tumhen pasan he? ……………….aur han agar tumhari thodi si koshish, mehnat, pyar, muhabbat, rahnumai aur khuloos aur qurbani ki wajah se koi bura banne se bach jata he to kya tum aisa karne k liye tayyar ho? Kya tum qurbani dene k liye tayyar ho? ……..yeh bhi soch lena k muhabbat to kisi se kar ni hi he to phir mujh se q nahi? Aur waise bhi mai un logon me se nahi hun jo…..

Dosti  kar to lete hain  nibhana  bhul jate hain

Dilon me aag lagate hainbujhana bhul jate hain

Ab agey qalam qasir he k kuch aur chale, lihaza is ummid pe khatam karta hun k ab ma'yusi hath nahi ayegi, aur khat aur khat wale ko seene se lagaya jayega aur dil k sab se pak aur saaf kamre me sulaya jayega………………………….faqat


10 January, 2013

CHILCHILATI SARDI...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chilchilati Sardi..!!!!!
6 January aur India Pakistan ka high voltage match…. Na na na na mai match k bare me kuch nahi bata rahun. Mai yeh keh raha hun k mai match dekh raha tha, are lekin match to bahut sare log dekh rahe they…. Are baba suno to, itni jaldi ukta q jate ho..? han to mai yeh keh raha tha mai India Pakistan ka match dekh raha tha. Na na na stadium me nahi. TV  par.  Fir mai ne ek news channel lagaya,   ( pata nahi koun sa channel tha… ) us me ek ladki reporting kar rahi thi. Topic tha Delhi ki CHILCHILATI SARDI, are bhai hansne q lage? Kya kaha? Mujhe urdu nahi ati? Are mai to urdu kayi hazlen aur nazmen likh chu ka hun aur fir mai articles bhi likhta hun. Oh ho to aap CHILCHILATI SARDI par hans rahe hain…? Are bhai jaan yeh phrase mera nahi bal k us lady reporter ka tha. Maine jaise suna k “DELHI KI IS SCHILCHILATI THAND ME NE LOGON KA JEENA MUSHKIL KAR DIYA HE AUR…………..” mai shock me agaya! Khudaya yeh madam koun si language bol rahi he? Are yeh to Urdu Hindi mix he  magar CHILCHILATI THAND??? Yeh kis language ka phrase he? Urdu ka……?  nahi  to…! Hindi ka……?  Na… Hindi ka bhi nahi he…! Phir….? Mujhe kya maloom, mai to usi madam reporter se puch leta agar mere bas me hota ho,, are bhai q nahi…? Meri vocublary me izafa ho to hota na….?

A Serious Issue

  Let’s come and think seriously at this topic. Ham jante hian k hamare samaj me language ki kitni zyada value he jab bacha thoda hoshiyar hota he to first of all ham use bolna sikhate hain ta k agey chal kar who acha bol sake, aur who jab kuch bolta he hame khushi hoti he. Thoda aur bada hota he aur 7th ya 8th me jata he to ham use English coaching kar wate hain aur speaking class me bhejte hain ta k agey chal kar usko problem na ho but what we do for our mother tongue..? akhir hamari language bhi to koi importamce rakhti he na? Hamari Urdu jo k Indian History aur India Freedom Fight me ek chapter and milestone ki haisiyat rakhti he. Harami Hindi language jo aj world level pe boli aur samjhi jati he. Kya hame zaroorat nahi h ham apni in bhashaon ko sudharen? Ham English ki tarah inko bhi seekhen?  

English Ka Bukhar

Aj kal logon ko English ka bukhar chadha hua he. Har koi isi language k peeche bhag raha he. Har company usi to preference deti he jisko Angrezi bahut achi aati he aur afsos to tab ata he jab india local companies bhi aisa hi karti hain, har school me English medium me padhna acha mana jata he. English medium schools ki fees zyada hoti he. Par Q????? kya hamara guzara English k bagair nahi chal sakta? Kya ham apni baat kehne me Angrezi k muhtaj hain?? Kya hamare nazdeek hamari madri zubaan ki koi value nahi he? Hamen sochna hoga aur khhob sochna hoga k ham kis qadar apni language ki bhula chuke hain aur Angrezi kis tarah ham par ghalib ati jarhi he. 

Our Language Is Our Culture

We must not forget that our language is our culture. Maine bahut sari books me padha he aur bahut sare scholors k munh se suna h ke jo apni language ko avoid karne lagta he uska culture, tradition and history sab kuch bhula di jati he aur yahi ha reality bhi he. Agar ham apni language ko prefer karengey ko us se hamara hi fayda hoga aur hamare culture, tradition aur hamare desh ka fayda hoga.

Let’s Come To the Point

Han to mai CHILCHILATI SARDI ki baat kar raha tha. English ham itni zyada havi ho chuki h ke ham apni madri bhasha tak sahi se nahi bol pate hain, dekhye na k lady reporter ne CHILCHILATI SARDI kaha he. Yeh kahan tak theek he..? are bhai totally wrong he. CHILCHILATI DHOOP aur KADAKE KI THAND/SARDI. Han ab sahi he. Bilkul right he. Ta’ajjub tab bahut zyada hota he jab National News cjannel ki reporter is tarah k phrase use karti he, jab k unko achi training di jati he, are bhai training bolne ki hi na… k speed bolo aur theek bolo. Han speed to who bolte hain magar theek bolna bhi o zaruri he na…. warna hamare political leader ki tarah k jo chahe bbol diya. Phir baad me maafi mangte firte hain k mera matlab who nahi tha. Are bhai to hamesha soch kar bola karo na.. bol kar q sochte ho k maine galat bol diya.
Anyway, mai CHILCHILATI SARDI wali madam se request karta hun k madan plz Urdu seekho, mujh se nahi kisi well known teacher se,  aur zara right phrase use kiya karo. Who kya he na k HAM INDIA KI PUBLIC AB EDUCATED HO CHUKE HAIN AB NA TO KISI K BAHKAWE ME ATE HAIN AUR NA HI KISI KO GALAT BOLNE DETE HAIN AUR NA HI KISI KO GHALAT KARNE DETE HAIN.