17 May, 2014

Importance of English

By:            Faisal Anas
Language is the medium of communication. Linguists say “a language is the written and spoken method of combining words to create meaning used by a particular group of people”
Language either can be verbal and non-verbal. Non-verbal includes gestures, signals and drawings etc. that are the medium of communication by which someone communicate the message. Verbal means a language that is spoken by human being. There are lots of language in the world. Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Spanish, French, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese and English. But the status which English language gained, no language became successful to achieve that. English became world’s native language. Everywhere and in every field, there is need of English.
Before we discuss about its scope and importance, let us know the history of it. How, when and why this language got the status of world’s largest language. English language emerged on the sky of the world because of colonial era. British has ruled in many nations which are known as commonwealth nations. In almost all such nations, there is importance of this language. People learn, speak, listen and read. Second reason is discovery. Yes, most of inventions of the world invented by British and Americans and they used English to as the language of their inventions, that’s why everyone had to learn it. Thus English became largest and most common language of the world.
 Official Status:   Officially, this language is the most popular and used in widest range in the world. It is the national language of 58 countries while French has 29 and Arabic has 25 counts only. In other nations which does not have English as an official language like India, Pakistan and Nepal, people speak on large scale and many of them prefer this to other language not only in office, in business on seminars but in general conversation too. This make it world’s largest language. There is only two language in the world which spoken in almost every country. English and Arabic but first one has more enough speakers than the second one.
Economic Status:  Since it became common language of all, when the speakers of two different language meet, the only option to hold conversation is English. We all know the importance of business. Business is almost dealt in English. Because there is no option in international trading and marketing.  Russian does not understand Hindi. Pakistani does not understand Chinese. German does not understand Japanese etc. but English is familiar for all and that’s when two of them meet, they hire and translator who can translate from English to another language and vise versa. And that’s why this is famous saying that when a Korean businessman go to deal with his Brazilian counterpart, the only option of language is English.
English in Media: English media is found everywhere in the world. Top five broadcasting companies like CBS, NBC, ABC, BBC and CBC use English. English news channels and newspapers and also magazines are available in all over the world.
Social Networking:  social networking uses English as its own language. World’s largest online encyclopedia (Wikipedia) uses English as its main language. All search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing work in English. World’s largest social networking website Facebook and others like Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Flickr and Whatsapp are also run in English.
International Organizations: UNO has five languages. That are Arabic, Chinese, English, French and Spanish.  But English has more influence in it. In 2009, out of 189 UNO members, 120 preferred to use English to communicate with other embassies.
Almost all international instructions were created in English language. WHO, WTO AND WFP are some examples.
Sports:  no doubt, English is the language of sports. Cricket, football, badminton, Hocky, wrestling, baseball and golf. All of them and others also uses English as the main language. All rules and regulations of all international games are written in English. All terminologies are English. All kinds of announcements and results are published in English. And official broadcasting of all games is played in English only.
Education: English language has a treasure of literature. Shakespeare, the world’s most famous poet and novelist was writing in English. Not only Shakespeare, but there a long list of poets, novelists, article and story writes, thinkers, philosophers and researchers who chose English to promote their particular ideas among the people. No doubt, other languages are also rich in literature but English is richest.
There are English medium schools in every nation and also you can find institutions which teach English. This shows the importance of it. There are many companies in the world which teach English. They have many branches in all over the world. Lingua, American and Focus are such examples. And it is a field of business too.
English in India: India is one of the commonwealth nations. Like all commonwealth members, India is influenced by English during the British era. When they left the country, they left their language also. And due to its easiness and importance, people started using it. Teachers started teaching and students started learning it. Businessmen started dealing in it. Even the government adopted this language and now English is the second language of India after Hindi. And I go one step ahead and say that Hindi is First language only on the paper but reality says something else. English has more influence than Hindi not only in business, in media, Bollywood, schools and universities, sports, politics but in government too. Almost all kinds of forms of government recruitment are issued in English. Almost all announcements of government come in English and even our president, vice president, prime minister and top political leaders mostly deliver their official and non-official statements and speeches in English. Almost all parliament’s proceedings are held in English.
Indian public sector in not untouched from English. There is craziness for English in Indian society. Everyone wants to speak English and now, people speak Hindi or Urdu because they do not know English.   When anyone of them learn English, he/she starts using it in daily life. Following lines will tell you how English is ruling on Indian society.
·         In education, prospectus of all universities, student identity and admit cards, admission and examination forms, results and all kinds of official announcements are issued only in English.
·         Some courses are taught only in English, like MBA, all medical and engineering courses, hotel management, pilot course and law.
·         In business, name of all companies, logos, monograms, slogans, advertising, name of products, and print of wrappers on products and found only in English.
·         Government related issues like Driving License, Adhaar Card, and Voter ID Card, name plate of vehicles, traffic signals and signboards and only in English.
·         Train reservation, bus tickets, air tickets, all kinds of ticket bookings are only in English.
·         The NAVY is totally in English as well as aircraft too.
·         Banking sector, insurance sector, marketing, transactions, purchasing and business deals are only in English.
Here, it is not possible to count all, the list is long and the paper is short. I can only say that English became a part of our DNA. English became the medium of success. English is the name highness and development. English is the symbol of style and smartness. If you want to show yourself as educated, if you want to impress someone, if you want to do your job interview better, you should use English in all.
Observing its importance, as I mentioned above, many institutions are opened to teach English. The CEP (communicative English Program) of Jamia Miliia Islamia is one of them. Now it is ending its third successful session. With this end, CEP has been taught not less than 600 students so far. I am very proud to be a part of it. Only 6 months passed since I joined it and now I can write a long essay, not only on this topic but on any topic and not only me but all students of CEP can do this. CEP made them to work hard to learn it in its own style. We, the students learned it, we gained it because we know the importance of English in our society.