17 March, 2014

SEP and My Life Style Changing

Everyone in our society has ability to do something. Every person has different kinds of skills and abilities but only some of them can change the ability into success. This is because he/she has self-enrichment, self-confidence and has the ability to utilize his/her skill in a proper way.
JMI, this year has organized a program named SEP for the students of CEP.  It aims at making the students self-enriched. To let the students recognize his/her skills and to let them learn how to get advantage of his/her ability and skill.
I am very happy and glad to be a part of it. Now, in brief, I am telling you what I have got from this program so far.
To know myself:
In the first session. I learnt that I have lots of plus points. I am already successful in many fields. I have lots of skills. I have knowledge and I can do anything. The only thing I need is hard work. Second thing I learnt from session one is creativity. To manage something without the help of others.
Obstacles on our goals:
Second session was based on my belief, luck and hard work. In other words “how to get success”. It taught that we are ourselves responsible for our failure and we must not hold another person/thing/ incidents or luck responsible for our failure because if we work hard we will get more. No one has the power to stop the success of anyone.
It is fact that luck does its job but only 5% or 10% and no more. If we start blaming then we will stop working hard and it will lead us downwards.
This session also told us that everyone is important in our society. We must either compare two persons in ability nor respect or disrespect someone on this basis.
Listening ability:
This is the very important point of interacting and giving good response to someone who is speaking to you hoping better response. Good listening ability makes you good speaker too.
The next session was based on it. How to listen properly, how to understand the matter, how to negotiate on any issue, how to give proper and good response, how to advice someone, this session had the answers of all such questions. The question that relate to the listening and understanding power. That is a part of life. That is the key point of success.
Sometimes rumors make the issue dangerous. When an incident or news spreads through person to person, it loses its core and after some mediums, it remains nothing but a bottle without wine or a note book without words. So, it is very important to narrate a story or incident as it is, without any changing and in simple words so that everyone can understand it properly. Indirectly, we also understood that every news we listen is not liable. Before trusting on it, investigation is must.
Decision making:
In day to day life, we face some problems which may be easy but due to lack of knowledge of solving it, we consider it major, which may be the cause of failure. But, if we understand it properly and think it properly, and decide for its result or option seriously and with cool mind, the problem become minor and we feel happy.
Next session was based on it. If I have two important work on the same time, if my friend gets angry with me due to my brother, if I got blamed of any undoing crime, if my family does not allow me to study more, what to do in such cases? Yeah! It’s looking hard to manage but if you had attended this session, you can solve it easily. The most important thing for it to not decide on any issue in a hurry. We must think a lot first, then look for options, then decide and then apply the decision. If this formula is applied, the problem is solved quickly. That’s all.
Thus, SEP is a very important course. Everyone should attend its classes. It improves our life styles. It teaches us how to behave better. Its psycho-cum sociology lessons make the person perfect to act properly in any situation without any tension. In other words “we learn to behave better by psychology lessons in sociology environment and apply all in our daily life to make our results and outcome better and it helps to make the society better. That is the aim of SEP. I wish it all the best for next years and May Allah make it successful.
Faisal Anas