18 October, 2013

why We Vote...........!

By..... Faisal Anas
Election is in my country is not less than any
festival or celebration for every citizen of India.
And interestingly that is it not an event which
come after too much times but it is common
and being common and familiar to everyone, it
is joy able, interesting and cause of enthusiasm
also. The citizen of India take a part in it with
more interest than the citizen of any other
nation in the world. The reason may be
anything and could be or could not be real but
it is a part of real that Indian election creates a
numbers of history events and changings every
time whenever it held. I remember when I was
child of 6 or 7 years, mom and aunties prepare
and decorate themselves on Election Day since
morning and hold debates and manage to caste
as many votes as they could do. The male
member of my family were restless on that day
though no one of them was a candidate of any
political party.
Since then and now, hence we shifted our
home form Bihar to Rajasthan. I’ve seen no so
much differences in election process. Yes but
people’s nature is different not by time only
but by region also. People in Bihar take election
more seriously than the people in Rajasthan.
Because of development and availability of
needed items, Rajasthanis are not so much
interested in voting and also they’ve not so
much interest in their political leader, nor in
choosing neither in respecting and valuing
them. That’s why I saw many ministers walking
around the city being careless about personal
security because they feel no danger about
their lives. So that the politics here is fair and
simple that it is in Bihar.
I am neither a politician (I thank Allah) nor
political scientist but I understand it like I am
not in love with anyone but I fell it and
understand it in every sense totally with its
complete steps and stages. Really political
leaders are servant of the public. They are
responsible for the needs of the public. They
must take steps to wash out fear, terrorism,
abusing, harassment, unaccountability and
replace these by peace, happiness,
accountability, development, education,
providing all necessities like medical, transport,
post, communication and well-being etc. but
really do we see it in any part of the nation at
any level? Do any politician do these? Not all,
but half? I say no. instead of doing these, most
of them are criminal, abuser of sex
harassment, killer, and thief, black mailer, and
I have no such more words to explain their
black actions.
So, why do I go to poll booth to caste my so,
so much expensive vote? Am I the vote bank?
Am I the means for them to reach nation’s
treasury? No. it does not means that I will not
cast my vote. But I will do, but only after being
assured that they’ll put real value to my
expensive vote. They’ll understand my
problem. They’ll solve the basic problem (at
east). I have the legal right to ask my political
leader for development in my constituency and
he must reply to me when I question about it.
It is his duty. His duty is to take care for all the
people, even animals of their constituency also.
And we, the people of that constituency going
to force on related leader to do all what we
need and what is his duty.

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