27 October, 2013

What To Write?

By: Faisal Anas
Now, I am sitting in the reading room of central library of Jamia Millia Islamia. I am here sitting with my spiral pad and gel pen to write something as per my unscheduled task. But I have nothing in my empty mind to spread over the pages of my spiral.
Today, one of my teachers was delivering his speech/ words on how to write essays. He told us that if we wanted to write an essay of one page in any topic, we must study at least 20 pages of such, otherwise writing one page after reading same is impossible. Yes he is right. But I think that this rule applies in exams only and on research thesis too. It means that if you are asked to write the answer of the question of a particular issue or topic, you must be prepared yourself by reading many pages of the same for better result.
But what do you think about a writer who creates? I mean who does write what is already written/ what has been written already in pages many times by many writers and authors. Writing something again and again is not a legendary work because you’re not going to do something that provide people a new matter or information or a good thing that they did not have before. Yes, your way of presenting any topic may be different and it may be possible that what you are presenting in words is more attractive and beautiful than the same presented by others author you read before and utilized to prepare yourself to write your own article or matter to be read by your followers and readers. But in my sense, it would be best for you that your beautiful way of writing and your smart thinking to present anything on the paper should be used to come to the paper any new matter or topic, I mean you should write any new that people were losing and getting it, they would delighted and their mouths would sound “Ah…..! What an article written by this writer! Really this is new and will be followed by next coming writers to make the white page black or blue (as per the ink of pen) to put his thinking on the same. It is not meant that history should not be repeated as a new book or as an article in any magazine, but what I want to say that history or any other topic are not subjected to read for joy or time pass or for refreshment of mind. So, in my thinking, these subjects should be written in simple language so that anyone can read and understand easily and conclude the point fast and fair.
If you want to show your writing ability, your intelligency and your beauty of using rare and appropriate word and phrases on suitable place, a vast field is open for you, and that is fiction, short stories, simple articles, novels and dramas etc. you are totally free to use what you want to use from words and sentences. I means these fields is totally for you to express your ideas in any sense, any manner, any way, using nay word or phrase, common and uncommon. Familiar and unfamiliar.
I’m just spreading words having my own thoughts personally, may be, you would not agree with me, no matter. I want you to read my articles and give your precious feedback. Thanks
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