27 October, 2013

What To Write?

By: Faisal Anas
Now, I am sitting in the reading room of central library of Jamia Millia Islamia. I am here sitting with my spiral pad and gel pen to write something as per my unscheduled task. But I have nothing in my empty mind to spread over the pages of my spiral.
Today, one of my teachers was delivering his speech/ words on how to write essays. He told us that if we wanted to write an essay of one page in any topic, we must study at least 20 pages of such, otherwise writing one page after reading same is impossible. Yes he is right. But I think that this rule applies in exams only and on research thesis too. It means that if you are asked to write the answer of the question of a particular issue or topic, you must be prepared yourself by reading many pages of the same for better result.
But what do you think about a writer who creates? I mean who does write what is already written/ what has been written already in pages many times by many writers and authors. Writing something again and again is not a legendary work because you’re not going to do something that provide people a new matter or information or a good thing that they did not have before. Yes, your way of presenting any topic may be different and it may be possible that what you are presenting in words is more attractive and beautiful than the same presented by others author you read before and utilized to prepare yourself to write your own article or matter to be read by your followers and readers. But in my sense, it would be best for you that your beautiful way of writing and your smart thinking to present anything on the paper should be used to come to the paper any new matter or topic, I mean you should write any new that people were losing and getting it, they would delighted and their mouths would sound “Ah…..! What an article written by this writer! Really this is new and will be followed by next coming writers to make the white page black or blue (as per the ink of pen) to put his thinking on the same. It is not meant that history should not be repeated as a new book or as an article in any magazine, but what I want to say that history or any other topic are not subjected to read for joy or time pass or for refreshment of mind. So, in my thinking, these subjects should be written in simple language so that anyone can read and understand easily and conclude the point fast and fair.
If you want to show your writing ability, your intelligency and your beauty of using rare and appropriate word and phrases on suitable place, a vast field is open for you, and that is fiction, short stories, simple articles, novels and dramas etc. you are totally free to use what you want to use from words and sentences. I means these fields is totally for you to express your ideas in any sense, any manner, any way, using nay word or phrase, common and uncommon. Familiar and unfamiliar.
I’m just spreading words having my own thoughts personally, may be, you would not agree with me, no matter. I want you to read my articles and give your precious feedback. Thanks

25 October, 2013

Silent Love with Shocking Insult

By: Faisal Anas

Once when I was free from all work and sitting with free mind. I was alone. It was some noise around me sounded by some persons sitting next to me is a group and discussing about some serious subject secretly. I was unable to understand their talks because the only sound I could hear was their murmuring and whispering but their activities were notifying me that they may had been talking about me. It was very surprising situation for me because no one of them was known to me and I think I was unknown for them too. May be, they might see me at any place before that time but what they were talking about was still an unanswered question. They were 5 or 6 and I was alone sitting and thinking with no physical activity by hands or legs but yes some gestures of eyes I was using to them, to birds on the tree and sometime to the person who were passing through the pavements and seeing me once and then taking their own way. The situation continues till I decided to leave the place.
Before I do that a girl came to me and asked the permission to sit beside me. I nodded my head showing my agreement to her to sit. First she smiled then said “Hi!” All of her mates were looking at us but when I looked to them they moved their face towards another side and this happened continuously till my meeting with her ended. I said “Hi!” to her and then silent. She was also silent. She was sitting and her one leg was upon another. She was in blue jeans and black T-shirt. Hairs are open. Everything of her were whitish-red with same shining except hairs and eyes. Eyes and hairs were extremely black with high shining. I knew that the shining of hairs was due to the oil and shampoo but the shining in her eyes………..? What for? Couldn’t say. It was very difficult situation for me to face any girl in that manner for the first time in my life.
Being a sitter opposing a beautiful girl of same age as me, I was in surprise because it happened accidentally and unexpected and especially for me it was uncommon. And surprisingly, she was smiling only for me and really let me say that it was no hard work from my side to call her or attract her. Both of us were still silent. I was waiting for her next voice and she was also. When a few minutes passed, I decided to start the conversation to break the silence. I said “ji kahiye” (yes, say!). But she was still silent. She looked at my face once, smiled and turned her face downward. Now her silence was increasing my interesting to her. I thought she had same special to say to tome and that’s why she was feeling shy and could not say and hoping me to understand without saying because what she wanted to say via tongue was the voice of heart as usually happen when a couple of same age sit alone. And you know the voice or feeling of heart which we want to forward to someone sitting before us does not need tongue because heart should contact directly without taking help from tongue and eyes contact eyes directly and say whatever it want.
I was not uncommon, I understand why she came to me. Why she sat beside me. Why she smiled why all of her mates looking to s with full interest and why she was silent with same lovely thinking in her heart, smile on her lips , dimple on her cheeks and love with shy in eyes. Time passed, now I was interested too much to listen her as I called her and went to her. She was silent but I was discomfort. She was well but I was feeling unwell. She was sitting with calm but I was changing my sitting styles every moment. I had spoken, now it was her turn to speak, to break the silence, to say something, to voice her greed, to tell her purpose of coming but alas her voice was still a prisoner in her mouth and her purpose in her heart. I repeated again “ji kahiye kaise aana hua?” (Speak out what for you came here?) “ji aapse kuchh kehna tha” ( I came to say something to you), she replied. “Sure”, I said. Then she looked at her friends whose smiles turned into laugh now and they were seemed that they were sitting in a comedy show. Our situation of sitting and the whereabouts environment was joyful for them because they were already known of the purpose of coming the girl. She had not come accidentally or with no reason. But she came after a long discussion between them. They decided to send her to me to say something to me. What was that? I didn’t know. I was same as you are now. Too much excited to know what was in her heart. What she wanted to say. The purpose of coming. The purpose of smiling. The purpose of shy and the purpose of their laughs. “ji, who, aapkaa” (ur, urs, that) she voiced with some shy including smile and fun. “What………?” I asked loudly now. Now she said: “aapkaa naada latak raha he” (your …………… is hanging) “oh no, ok, thanks” I voiced. Then she stood and said. “ji bas mai yehi kehne ayi thi” ( I came here to inform you about this) uuunnnnnnn you can guess about the situation of that time and my physical, mental and physiological condition and please don’t ask me anything more. I couldn’t say to her nay thing more and I can’t write anything more now. Bye.

18 October, 2013

why We Vote...........!

By..... Faisal Anas
Election is in my country is not less than any
festival or celebration for every citizen of India.
And interestingly that is it not an event which
come after too much times but it is common
and being common and familiar to everyone, it
is joy able, interesting and cause of enthusiasm
also. The citizen of India take a part in it with
more interest than the citizen of any other
nation in the world. The reason may be
anything and could be or could not be real but
it is a part of real that Indian election creates a
numbers of history events and changings every
time whenever it held. I remember when I was
child of 6 or 7 years, mom and aunties prepare
and decorate themselves on Election Day since
morning and hold debates and manage to caste
as many votes as they could do. The male
member of my family were restless on that day
though no one of them was a candidate of any
political party.
Since then and now, hence we shifted our
home form Bihar to Rajasthan. I’ve seen no so
much differences in election process. Yes but
people’s nature is different not by time only
but by region also. People in Bihar take election
more seriously than the people in Rajasthan.
Because of development and availability of
needed items, Rajasthanis are not so much
interested in voting and also they’ve not so
much interest in their political leader, nor in
choosing neither in respecting and valuing
them. That’s why I saw many ministers walking
around the city being careless about personal
security because they feel no danger about
their lives. So that the politics here is fair and
simple that it is in Bihar.
I am neither a politician (I thank Allah) nor
political scientist but I understand it like I am
not in love with anyone but I fell it and
understand it in every sense totally with its
complete steps and stages. Really political
leaders are servant of the public. They are
responsible for the needs of the public. They
must take steps to wash out fear, terrorism,
abusing, harassment, unaccountability and
replace these by peace, happiness,
accountability, development, education,
providing all necessities like medical, transport,
post, communication and well-being etc. but
really do we see it in any part of the nation at
any level? Do any politician do these? Not all,
but half? I say no. instead of doing these, most
of them are criminal, abuser of sex
harassment, killer, and thief, black mailer, and
I have no such more words to explain their
black actions.
So, why do I go to poll booth to caste my so,
so much expensive vote? Am I the vote bank?
Am I the means for them to reach nation’s
treasury? No. it does not means that I will not
cast my vote. But I will do, but only after being
assured that they’ll put real value to my
expensive vote. They’ll understand my
problem. They’ll solve the basic problem (at
east). I have the legal right to ask my political
leader for development in my constituency and
he must reply to me when I question about it.
It is his duty. His duty is to take care for all the
people, even animals of their constituency also.
And we, the people of that constituency going
to force on related leader to do all what we
need and what is his duty.