28 September, 2013

Oh My Heart.....

                                                                                            By; Faisal Anas
Nothing is going wrong with me. But why I am sad? I don’t know. Sometimes I feel myself too upset without any reason. And badly this is common with me. I just try to be happy so that I try to do positive everything but no one can do whatever he wants but this is also fact that if you try to do something and work hard for it. You’ll get success.
What to do to washout my sadness? Searching for good friends online or offline? Yes that’s good idea. But is there any good person around me? Very tough to say. I tried a lot but this world has been changed. Now, no one talk for other’s success. Why I am saying this? When a person meets someone, he started expecting from him according to his behavior with him. And if he does not get what he expected then he loses his trust and become sad and angry.
Here are two types of persons. One who shares his everything with friends and one who never shares. Who is wrong and who is right is not a matter of discussion. The real thing is that who gets the best friends circle. That is a huge fact which affect anyone’s life. Really friends play major role in anyone’s life. The nature of a person can be measured by his friends’ behaviors. So, if you got a good circle of some nice friends, who are crazy, active, kaminey, serious, open minded, and frank then you are very lucky,  but remember one thing. You must keep in your mind every time newton’s law of motion. It means that when one of your friends behave some good with you, he also hopes likewise from your side. If this happens, then you’ll be very happy. But what if your friends and specially one whom you trust most, love most, share with him you every secret most does not keep much attention to you? Or less than your hope or expectation? Or say any other best friend rather you? Can you manage it? Can you tolerate it? I think no. that’s why I live more of time sad and unhappy. But this is big tragedy that I can’t leave him. He is sweet and smart, loved by his colleagues and every related person, so he confuses about his best friendship. But what should I do? Leave him? Let him choose his best friend? Or what else? I cannot solve this. I’ll just try to manage. My heart and tell it that “o my heart! O foolish thing, you are not so good, you’ve no so good thinking and your related face has no attraction, your related body has no beauty, hair has no shining, voice has no music, eyes have no magic and personality you have is without any specialty, so, this is my cordially advice to you that please come to know your reality and stop trying to achieve what is not suitable for you. Because the thing you are hoping to get is 100 times higher than your value” thanks.

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15 September, 2013

Yes We Can Do

By: Faisal Anas

 Now I am sitting in the reading of the university. It is 17:54. A foreign girl is sitting at the chair neighboring me. I am also a student and she's also. But the difference is that when I left the library for the tea at 15:30, I left her studying being careless of her near bouts, she was on her job from 2 hours at 15:30. Now I entered the library and took my seat and it is 18:57 and she is still on her such job, I mean she is still studying. That’s the difference between us and foreigners. They do not waste their time in useless things and we, the Indian do not care about it. That’s why japan, being having less resources (natural) that India, is 100 times developed than it. I am now thinking about differences of interest in studies. They do with full interest what they choose for their lives but we, we do nothing but waste our times. My personality does not allow me to study continuously 3 or 4 hours, why? Because it is our nature to do what we want instead of what we need. So, we are as successful as they are.
        This is time to rethink on this issue. I am not blaming all the people of India. They are fine. I’m blaming just myself because I have a bundle of faults. I dream more and do less. I think more and make that thinking useful less. I want more but do work hard less. And interestingly, this is an enormous tragedy that there is difference in the thinking of them and us also. We think in dreams to become a big personality, a person of fame and prestige but we do not think of hardworking. We do not think of the steps and stages needed to fulfill the dream. Only dreams are in our minds but how the dreams become true, we don't care about it. So, how we can fulfill or dreams? If you wish to take a glass of cold water, you should step forward toward the fridge otherwise take rest on normal water. And we are from second category. But the person who is in china, japan (the girl, I think was Japanese), Korea or west countries, Europe or America, think and plan as per their need not according to their willing and wishes. Wish is nothing for them. Need is all and what thing made them successful is their seriousness to their work and plan and true dream.
      Here is an interesting question. What is true dream? Is there any false or/and wrong dream?  If you ask me, I say yes. I know two types of dream. one person like and wish to be rich and be the owner of luxury cars, fully decorated house building having all facilities, a heavy bank account and a pretty life partner, may be karena or Katrina. Okay that is a good think. i wish it for everyone in my country. But you know what they dream? They think and plan to make that sexy car you wanted to drive. They try and discover what you want to use. So, who is better? Who dreams better? The answer is clear! That’s why, they discovered everything we use. (Something related to china. something to japan, Korea, U.S.A Germany or another country). From electricity to electronics, from aero plane to ships, means of communications to means of war and battle, weapons, everything you use in your life is made and discovered by them at all. And what we do? We buy all and they sell all. We take and they give us. We need and they provide though they have what we have. Allah gave every person same things. Same sense and same power and chance, ability and creativity. But they’re all successful in every field of life and what we are? We even can't copy them rightly. When you go to the market, you find all goods preferable thing made not in India. Because Indian companies products does not have luxurious, sleek, beauty and sharpness. (Bas kaam chalau hota he sab kuch yahan). Let me tell you a reality, you will point out why Indian economy is cautiously going to down day by day because of the more import and less export. One of my teacher travelled many countries. And he told us once that he did not find in any country's market any made in Indian item. Yes. He told us. What we conclude by his this remark? It means India do not export any product. It only export some natural items, and import all necessities so its economy is dipping. What is the reason behind it? Why that teacher did not find any made Indian product in any country? Is that not amazing? No. not for us. Because we never tried to create or invent anything, that's why we are dependent on others at every step of life. From morning to evening and from first day of life to its last moment. And therefore they're ahead of us by the margin of 50 years. We use what they leave and if internet and communication and globalization would not invented, we would more old and in worse condition than this time. Thanks internet inventors for it.
  The words coming out from my heart through my pen that you’re reading and wasting your time does not mean that we, Indians are careless or lazy etc. we are very powerful if we take right decisions. If we stop following others. If we stop using made in non-Indian items. If we stop for prefer non-Indian cultures. If we stop to import our needs and start to make our useful products ourselves. Yes, we can do. Our country has full natural resource. Our people specially youths are hard workers and intelligent. We need to utilize them in proper way systematically to achieve something we need and that is useful for us not thing that we want only and not useful. What we need is more important than what we want and we must join our heads to rethink on this issue seriously.