03 October, 2012

We And Our Society

             ........... By Faisal Anas                                                                     
“People did not know the frontiers of their battle. As a result, the government doctored their minds and they were left lurching between Islamic terrorism on one hand and Maoism on the other.”
The above lines are the part of the speech of Mrs. Arunahati Roy when he was delivering it in a function in Hyderabad. In above lines, she explained a large truth and made a bitter truth unveiled which is familiar to everybody but all become unknown.
Actually our culture has inequality, we (Indians) have rotten society and everybody of us can’t love the person who is increasing his wealth due to jealous. If somebody is improving his wealthy life, we become jealousy to him but went to become more and richer. We want to go ahead beating all others.  We want to win with cheating. We want to become rich with dishonesty. We do not care that what effect will be remained after in our society. Everyone is selfish in our society, if we attempt any crime, we want to escape from it without punishing and apply sources and approaches, we spend a large amount of money and ultimately a poor person is held as a guilty and he is left in the jail despite he is innocent while the real guilty is safe and walking freely on the roads because the police must catch the guilty and the real guilty has spent a big amount to the police so police accused any poor person who is helpless in the society.
The thieves, the killers, the murderers, the bomb blasters are in same way attempt the crime and walk freely on the roads.
What are the reasons for this big fault in the society? I found some mistakes in our administrative system, in our society, and in the public related departments of the governments like police and judiciary and also in media also the defect in the hearts of the people.
These are;
  • The Media, if there is blast, it must by a Muslim group, just in next minute, and media receives a notification that it is attempted by Muslim group. I am very confused that how media get the information? Are the blasters the friend of them or they see these people blasting via live satellite map? or they are feared of real blasters and they do not dare to blame them so they blame Islamic group easily because they are helpless in India as Mrs. Arunahati Roy mentioned, because their leaders, their police and their government are same in care for them. I am much amazed when I notified after 3, 4 or 5 years that the victims who were caught by police in blast case are innocent and released from the jail but media does not care and repeat again after next blast. I accept that terrorism has no religion and anybody can do it and also a Muslim but my objection is that why media blames a specific group rapidly just after the incident? And even every case? And this happened again and again? Ok, do it but do you have any result after all you did roughly in this case? And is it the final solution? And is it the responsible task form them? Unfortunately no so why they repeat it? Even after when Asimanad’s bitter but truth declaration?
  • Our police are very fast, and when it is forced to catch the criminal, the next day it presents the same quantity and it is asked but the caught person is not guilty but he is accused. And the accused has no chance to prove himself  innocent. And it is very amazing that police does not know about the accused and also does not know what are the background of the accused but it must reach its target to catch the guilty person, it see if the accused have any Urdu book, any Islamic literature,  any magazine. If yes, they have these types of article, they caught as a guilty with some books, magazines, and illegal articles. And interestingly, the accident is not spotted though police catch the guys after every blast, after every incident and after every case. But there is new blast, new guilty but the police is same and catching the guilty is same and this is continue till when? Don’t know.
  • The political parties are the reasons behind these cases. They are not serious about the poor and accused persons, they do not think themselves responsible for everything that happened wrong in the society because the people make they leader by their votes. After everything, after every case, after every action, there is their policy to gain benefits if people get loss. They are for their parties not for the nation and not for the people. They promise in the time of election and when election is closed, they do not know the people who are they? And this is till next election. (We have some examples and hope you also) as we faced some of them in assembly election in U.P. simply we can say that they all are for their party not for the people and nation.
  • We are also the reason for it. We respect the person who is rich and bigger than us in post, wealth and so on and hate the person who is smaller than us in post, wealth and so on.  We offer the seat for the person who is well dressed but behave opposite with in opposite situation.  We are very attracted to ethnic, religious and regional issues but not attracted to humanity issues and we do not protest for moral and for the rights of poor persons, widows and helpless persons in the society. If you see that somebody is protesting for poor persons or widows, it means they are themselves poor persons or widows. We live all for money, post, seat and promotion in life style, in wealth, in job even by dishonesty and telling a lie but do not care for morality, truth and honesty.
  • The Government Employer do not do their duty honestly, they pass their time only. The government offices have bad conditions in work, in location, in internal view than private offices in same department. Though government provides all facilities and money to manage these but the result is nil. It is famous that in India, people hate government’s service but love its jobs why? The reason is same, workers do not work so its service is not good but its jobs is loving to everyone because it is less work and more rest job, it is less task and more incentive job, it is less pressure and more benefits job. Greediness is filled in the hearts of the employers. So the bribe cases are very famous and get newspaper headings daily. They caught for this but the improvement is nil.
We must leave these. Our society is decreasing in brotherhood, morality and kindness and also mercy. How can we be in peace when every one of us does not care for others? How can we be happy of our neighbor is sad? How can we sleep freely when our next door is hungry? How can we sit peacefully when the next door’s child is weeping loudly due to the hungry? How can we be safe when we behave badly with others? Do we think that if we behave badly with poor persons, they’ll seek for the chance for do it with us? We must not forget the famous saying “tit for tat” so please do not behave badly with poor persons because you also may face it.
True life is when we are in peace whether we have money or not? We have building or not, we have vehicles or not. Because have no importance live a life. A person who is poor but gets three time bread and a shadowed place to spend night is better that the person who has all facilities but unable to eat and sleep normally. If we care for others, the equity will be created and when equity is created, we’ll automatically have the peace and this is all needed for the life of everybody. Then we’ll leave killing, stealing, raping, and so on and our society will become ideal in the world and the scholars like Arunath Roy will not have to say like what she commented soon.
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