26 October, 2012

Kaspersky Pure for Six Months

Kaspersky is a good company which provides a good category of computer security. It has various types of security options like antivirus, internet security and pure etc. it also have options of business and home security. But some of us do not bare the charge so I an option by which you can activate it  for six month without any cost.


  • log in to Facebook
  • now click this link http://www.facebook.com/security
  • now click on PC option and scroll it till you see kaspersky
  • now click on LEARN MORE option and LIKE it and click AUTHORIZE
  • now click on ALLOW ACCESS and then DOWNLOAD NOW
  • again you'll ask to hit GO TO APP and here, enter your email address and hit submit button.
  • now check your email address and follow the options to download it. 
(note; it may take some minutes to receive email.)

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