05 September, 2012


I was studying previous years papers to comprehension, when I reached to the following paragraph, It amazed me, I liked it very much and repeated many times.  this is an articles in which importance if honesty is focused which is being lost by peoples in this modern world while they must have it if they want peace and good life. who do not want this?
I thought to become it to you. read and give comment what help did you get from this article.
please have a look.....
In modern world, honesty has lost its meaning. Wealth plays an important role in man’s life. Value of money has gone high. Everyone wants to become rich without hard labor.  He does not hesitate to adopt any means at all to become rich. But still some people appreciate honesty. All religions lay down great stress on honesty.
An honest man is always brave. He is not afraid of anybody. Sometimes, he has to face many problems. He is truthful and liked by everybody. On the other hand, liars, greedy and cunning people earn more money but they are not liked by people.
Honest also gives rise to spiritual strength. So, one takes up any challenge with confidence.  On the other hand, a dishonest man can never be sure of anything. He is always busy in plotting. So, he never gets peace. An honest man is rewarded with success even after his death, people remember him. He gets love and respects from others.
Dishonest, no doubt, gives benefits sometimes but those benefits are temporary and short lived. It kills our soul and snatches away our peace of mind. It is not an easy job to remain honest in this world. One needs enough courage and sacrifices to be honest. But even then honesty has its own value and comes out victorious in the long run.
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