25 January, 2011

What do you say?

I love somebody who do not know me.
I care somebody who do not care me.
I want to help somebody who do not want to help me.
I try to make a smile on the face of unknown person who do not how to smile and when to smile.
I want to be the big helper in this world.
I want tnah everyone in this will become happy and healthy-wealthy.
When these types of thoughts you listen from somebody, what do you think?
Do you think these are necessory?
Do you think when a person think this, he can do it.
And when a person think and say. How many people want to help them?
Do you think when a person say this, he is able to do this?
    .............................Dear friends, in this worrld, this is necessory that some people think about it.
       What do you say?
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