20 January, 2011


Everybody in the world want to be safe.
and for his purpose he tries  to do more and more and also he work hard, that is very good thing and positive fact for the human being. but one thing i see that he do not care for others. he do not care what he is doing is harmful for others. he do not care what is useful for may harmful for others.
why??????????????  this thing I cannot understand.
if any accident displayed on the road, everyone runs to it and take a part because this is to publish himself and promote his occupation or any big matter which is easy to solve he tries to participate in it. if he lose the money but he do not return without it. but when he wants to go anywhere and there is only one seat in the train, he will wants to give that for his brother. leave these. these are not good example what I want to say.
let's try other instances,
well study your to day's news paper. what do you find?
you will find the corruption more and more by the ministers, managers of big institutes, chairmen of organisations, etc.  why this occurred???????????
i don't know
DEAR FRIENDS!  I want to give the chance to find the reasons for these. I am waiting for comments.
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